• Professor

    • Jaehyun Yoo​

    • Activity: Chair at 2017 ICCAS conference; Session chair at 2019 ICCAS conference big data&machine learning , Tutorial speaker at 2019 ISGNSS in conjunction with IPNT Conference; IEEE CONES reviewer; IEEE ACCESS reviewer, Automatica reviewer; ACM TIOT reviewer;  Member of Korean-Scandinavian Scientists and Engineers Association (2016~2018); KOSEN member (2018~current)​

  • Master student

    • Hassan Barakat Mohammed​ (2018.09~)

  • Undergraduate student​

    • ​이대영 (2018.12~)

    • 이동규 (2018.12~)

    • 조윤희 (2018.12~)

    • 김예준 (2019.06~)

  • Co-supervisor (past)

    • ​Erik Stömberg, Ericsson-KTH (2016.06~2017.10) 

      • Master thesis: Smoothing and Mapping of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Ultra-wideband Sensors

    • Alessandro Scarso, University of Padova-KTH​ (2017.08~2018.04)

      • Master thesis: Road grade estimation for platooning using machine learning approaches: Gaussian regression and Deep learning ​

    • Diego González Morín, Ericsson-KTH​ (2017.11~2018.07)

      • Master thesis: ​Autonomous Cooperative Flight of Rigidly Attached Quadcopters with Reinforcement learning

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